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Revolutionizing Semiconductor Wastewater with Advanced Electrochemical Oxidation

Axine’s innovative electraCLEAR™ solution delivers a transformative on-site treatment for the semiconductor manufacturing industry, offering a trifecta of cost-effectiveness, compliance, and simplicity. Experience the comprehensive mineralization of challenging contaminants, including PFAS, in an environmentally friendly process that leaves no waste footprint, all while ensuring safe on-site operation at ambient temperatures.

Addressing Industry Challenges

Many semiconductor manufacturing operations currently rely on photolithography operations utilizing PFAS based compounds.

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The anticipated economic challenges from impending global regulations pose a serious challenge to these facilities. Axine steps in as the steadfast solution provider, guaranteeing compliance with discharge standards. Our commitment enables semiconductor manufactures to concentrate on their core operations, free from the burden of PFAS wastewater concerns.

Axine’s Proven Solution

Innovative electraCLEAR™ Technology

Axine’s decade-honed electraCLEAR™ solution employs novel electrodes for direct and indirect oxidation, ensuring the complete mineralization of contaminants.

Optimal Designs,
Proprietary Technology

Witness our expertise in optimal reactor designs, proprietary electrodes, and catalyst coatings, all housed efficiently in standard-sized shipping containers.

Trusted Solution

Since 2017, Axine has maintained a remarkable 100% customer retention rate, acting as a trusted partner for industrial manufacturers, aiding them in navigating PFAS regulatory challenges.

Together, we can forge a sustainable, compliant, and efficient future for the semiconductor industry.