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Enhancing Efficiency in Automotive, Manufacturing, and Surface Finishing


Transforming Wastewater Treatment with Axine’s electraCLEAR™ Solution

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In the crucial sectors of electroplating, surface finishing, and manufacturing, where large water volumes are vital, Axine’s electraCLEAR™ takes the lead. Our cost-effective solution excels in destroying PFAS, solvents, and contaminants in industrial wastewater, optimizing processes, reducing disposal costs, and guaranteeing discharge requirements.

Axine’s Benefits for Manufacturing

Efficiency Redefined

Axine’s electraCLEAR™, refined over a decade, goes beyond traditional methods. It uses special electrodes for direct and indirect oxidation, ensuring complete mineralization without extra chemicals.

Smart Design

Housed in standard-sized containers, our innovative solutions provide on-site water treatment. Solutions can be optimized for pre- and post-treatment operation, including concentration, pH adjustment, and electrolyte recovery, making wastewater treatment comprehensive and efficient.

Intelligent Monitoring

With over a dozen sensors in each unit, Axine ensures constant monitoring and remote operation, removing the need for onsite staff. This smart setup optimizes functionality and efficiency around the clock.

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Proven Track Record Since 2017

Since 2017, Axine has excelled in treating industrial wastewater, making a mark across the United States and Puerto Rico with an outstanding 100% customer retention rate. Team up with Axine to easily navigate PFAS regulations and embrace a future for your manufacturing operation that is sustainable, compliant, and highly efficient.