Pharmaceutical Manufacturing

Revolutionizing Pharmaceutical Wastewater Treatment with Axine’s electraCLEAR™

In the intricate landscape of pharmaceutical manufacturing, wastewater laden with active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs), solvents, and organics presents challenges as well as escalating treatment costs. Axine’s innovative electraCLEAR™ solution providing on-site treatment, significantly cutting expenses, ensuring unwavering regulatory compliance, and mitigating risks.

Addressing Industry Challenges

Axine’s process excels in the mineralization and destruction of APIs and organic contaminants, meeting stringent discharge requirements.

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By seamlessly incorporating Axine’s modular systems, pharmaceutical operations reduce environmental risks and operating costs, embracing a sustainable and efficient wastewater treatment approach.

Axine’s Distinct Offerings

Proven Solution for API Concerns

With over a decade of industry-specific experience, Axine guarantees compliance with local, state, and federal discharge permits. Our 24/7 on-site treatment service provides a hassle-free solution, allowing you to focus on your core product while we adeptly manage API wastewater concerns.

electraCLEAR™ Excellence

Our refined electraCLEAR™ solution utilizes novel electrodes for direct and indirect oxidation, ensuring complete mineralization of contaminants. This process, devoid of additional chemicals, minimizes atmospheric by-product gases, eliminating solid or liquid waste.

Sustainable Success Since 2017

Axine boasts a track record, successfully treating industrial wastewater since 2017, with installations spanning the United States and Puerto Rico, and an impressive 100% customer retention rate.

Partner with Axine to navigate regulatory challenges, securing a sustainable, compliant, and efficient future in pharmaceutical manufacturing wastewater treatment.