February 25, 2022

Podcast: The Best Industrial Wastewater Treatment System Is The One You Forget

Waste Water


? Axine Water Technologies specializes in the on-site treatment of the toughest organics in industrial wastewater.

What we covered:

? How Wastewater treatment has often been a tax to be in business for Industrial Players

⚗️ How chemicals we introduce in water are always more complex and how that commands advanced wastewater treatments

⚖️ How the two typical solutions (on-site treatment and trucking it away) compare

? How wastewater treatment is not core to industrial operator’s duties

? How Axine Water Technologies developed innovative electrochemical oxidation solutions… out of a garage

? How the development process was a journey (and what it involved)

? How the decisive step was to rethink the industry standard and shake business models up

? How Axine’s value proposition builds on a treatment performance guarantee

? How cleantech innovations can fundamentally transform our world for the better

? How Axine’s business model works and what’s in it for their customers and investors.

?‍? How Axine’s technology actually works, and where the inspiration came from.

? How the wastewater industry ticks at a particular pace and why it’s fragmented and risk-averse.

? How you need your technology to be ten times better than what you intend to replace, and how to win your own confidence in it

? How Axine builds tailored solutions from beginning to end through all the important steps

? How a process’ heartbeat is the key to efficient remote operation and predictive maintenance

? Machine learning, automation, taking risks, succeeding where others failed, finding a sweet spot, hypergrowth… and more!

? … and of course, we concluded with the ????? ???? ????????? ?

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