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08. 31. 2021, Valuer

Innovating Sustainability: The Future of Wastewater Management

In the newest issue of the Innovating Sustainability report series, we teamed up with Supertrends to explore the most influential and disruptive technology trends that will have the greatest impact on the wastewater management industry becoming more sustainable.

Through our platform and the collaborative help from Supertrends, we were able to generate data-driven insights on technology and companies in wastewater management, which helps to identify market disruption and opportunities with ease.

Staying ahead of disruptive technologies and on top of new market trends is vital for your business. Both Valuer and Supertrends platforms are created with the same goal in mind: to help companies make better, data-driven decisions that drive sustainable growth.

Together we offer a larger range of actionable intelligence, and our complimentary functionalities cover almost every angle that decision-makers need to assess in order to navigate the challenges of innovation and the uncertainties of the future.

Available for download in a PDF format, the report includes valuable data, technology in wastewater management, market predictions, important milestones, case studies, and more.

The publication covers three topics relevant to wastewater management: smart water management, wastewater treatment, and sludge management.


The importance of wastewater management innovation

One person’s trash is another one’s gold. This saying is particularly relevant when we talk about wastewater management and its circular economic nature. Innovation within this industry is imperative as the average family wastes around 9,400 gallons of water per year, while farming and agriculture account for 70% of the world wide consumption of freshwater.

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Mix this in with poor recovery technologies, pollution, and contaminants and freshwater recourses can expect to see issues with growing scarcity, environmental degradation, and potentially irreparable damage. The long-term solution lies not in drastically cutting water usage, but rather in innovative technologies and practices in wastewater management and wastewater treatment.

This is why in this month’s innovating sustainability report we are taking a deeper look into this industry and using our platform to help highlight and identify the technology trends and innovative companies in wastewater management.


Companies that develop innovative technologies and solutions in wastewater management


The innovative startups in wastewater management


Vancouver, Canada

Axine Water

Axine Water leverages advanced electrochemical oxidation technology for industrial wastewater treatment. The company developed an in-house proprietary reactor that eliminates water pollutants through oxidation, creating byproducts that can be further used and water that can be reused in industrial processes.

The sustainable future for wastewater management

Green is definitely the new black, as sustainability is becoming top of mind for companies and investors alike. This shift towards a circular economy in wastewater management is being propelled by the disruptive startups in the industry along with innovative corporations who are embracing sustainable business solutions.

Sustainable technologies and solutions are the way forward and are a massive new market opportunity that you will want to stay on top of. But in order to for all this innovation to thrive there is an important component, and that is collaboration.

It is through collaboration that innovation can really take off and expand. That’s why Valuer and Supertrends have teamed up to show how innovation can be harnessed and streamlined, to bring clients the insights they need to make data-driven innovation happen and keep them one step ahead of the curve.

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