Application Brief

Axine’s electraCLEAR™ PFAS Destruction in Landfill Leachate

Challenges in Managing PFAS in Landfills

Managing PFAS (per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances) in landfill leachate poses significant challenges due to their persistence and mobility. These difficult to treat chemicals, resistant to degradation, demand robust remediation solutions for regulatory compliance and public health protection. Axine Water Technologies provides a proactive solution to address these challenges while aligning with environmental and sustainability objectives. Our electraCLEAR™ electrochemical oxidation technology offers a simple, cost-effective solution. Partnering with Axine allows waste management facilities to prioritize core operations, unburdened by PFAS leachate concerns, with guaranteed results.

A Timely Solution

Axine’s electraCLEAR electrochemical oxidation process utilizes multiple types of electrode materials to produce powerful direct and indirect oxidizing conditions. Our advanced controls optimize treatment in real time to destroy PFAS molecules back to their harmless elemental building blocks. Customers are guaranteed to meet the most stringent regulations with no waste residuals.

Axine's electraCLEAR PFAS Destruction in Industrial Wastewater table
3D rendering of the inside of a container with industrial machinery

Proven PFAS Destruction

electraCLEAR is the first commercial-scale electrochemical oxidation system with proven 3+ log (>99.9%) destruction of both long and short-chain PFAS compounds. Performance results from various sources and concentrations demonstrate the system’s ability to deliver reliable performance even under challenging conditions. Table 1 provides data on our PFAS destruction performance, validating electraCLEAR’s efficacy across diverse sources and concentrations.

Advantages of electraCLEAR

  • Complete PFAS Destruction: Achieve >99.9% mineralization of PFAS molecules and other contaminants.
  • Powerful Technology: Utilizes multiple electrode materials with advanced AI and Machine Learning for continuous real-time optimization.
  • Simple Integration: Modular design facilitates easy integration in containerized or standalone configurations.
  • Process Safety: Operates at ambient temperature and pressure, eliminating safety concerns associated with high thermal oxidation processes.
  • Guaranteed Performance: Proven through over 130,000 hours of continuous full-scale operation, backed by Axine’s Treatment-as-a-Service approach.

Proven Solutions with Guaranteed Results

With over 7 years of experience in destroying contaminants in industrial wastewater, Axine’s electraCLEAR provides a safe, 24/7 on-site solution. With Treatment-as-a-Service, Axine guarantees compliance with current and future regulations, allowing our customers to focus on their core operations while we address their PFAS leachate concerns.


Partner with Axine

Partner with Axine to safeguard your operations against PFAS regulatory challenges and ensure a sustainable, compliant, and efficient future for waste management.