March 14, 2023

Axine to Showcase Solutions to Tackle Emerging Contaminants in Industrial Wastewater at ToxExpo

Company will highlight its capabilities in the remediation of wastewater contaminated with small molecule pollutants

VANCOUVER, B.C., Canada, March 20, 2023 — The presence of emerging contaminants such as pharmaceuticals and per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) in our water supply poses a growing threat to public health and the environment. Axine Water Technologies is committed to providing solutions to this problem through its innovative technology.

At this year’s Society of Toxicology (SOT) 62nd Annual Meeting and ToxExpo in Nashville, Axine will share its solutions to treat emerging contaminants . Axine will showcase its solutions at booth 1542, March 20–22, at the Nashville Music City Center. Visitors will learn about the company’s cutting-edge water treatment technology and how it is being applied to help manufacturers meet their sustainability and compliance goals.

“We are thrilled to be exhibiting at ToxExpo and to share our solutions for treating emerging contaminants,” said Mark Ralph, President & CEO at Axine Water Technologies. “We believe that it’s important to bring attention to this issue and to demonstrate how our technology is helping to solve this critical problem threatening human and animal health.”

Axine has know-how and proprietary technology in the application of electrochemical oxidation for the complete mineralization of toxic, recalcitrant organics. Axine’s technology does not use hazardous chemicals and does not produce any solid or liquid waste.

“At Axine, we’re committed to improving the safety and quality of our water supply, and ToxExpo provides us with a great opportunity to share our vision with the industry,” Ralph added.
Visitors to booth 1542 will have an opportunity to see first-hand how Axine has helped manufacturers prevent the discharge of emerging contaminants such as pharmaceuticals and solvents into the environment.

About Axine Water Technologies

Axine has created a new standard for treating toxic, recalcitrant organic pollutants in pharmaceutical, chemical and other industrial wastewater to address a global problem. Axine’s breakthrough solution combines advanced electrochemical oxidation technology with a flexible, modular system design and a unique wastewater-as-a-service business model. Axine provides customers with a robust, versatile solution capable of treating all types of organics to meet the most stringent treatment requirements without using hazardous chemicals. Axine’s service model enables customers to achieve wastewater and sustainability goals with minimal capital investment and technology risk. For more information, please visit

Krista Ramirez