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07. 10. 2014

Axine Water Technologies Receives Prestigious BlueTech Innovation Tracker Certification

Recognizes Company’s breakthrough industrial wastewater treatment solution as an ‘innovative, disruptive technology’ supported by a strong go-to-market strategy


VANCOUVER, BC – Axine Water Technologies, developers of a breakthrough, low-cost, chemical-free solution for treating high concentrations of complex, toxic organics and ammonia in industrial wastewater, today announced it has been awarded the Innovation Tracker accreditation by BlueTech® Research, an intelligence service focused exclusively on identifying key opportunities and emerging trends in the global water industry. This award recognizes the advanced nature of Axine within the water tech industry and officially registers the company within the BlueTech Research Innovation Tracker.

Comprising over 500 companies, the BlueTech Research Innovation Tracker provides a live, online tool to track the most important innovative, disruptive technology companies in the industry. Innovation Tracker companies are hand-selected based on a number of criteria, including the BlueTech Research “Disrupt-o-Meter”, which measures the technology’s disruptive potential within the water market. The Innovation Tracker maps key companies and technologies within the water sector, providing users with the ability to filter through companies and gather comprehensive data on each technology.

“It is a tremendous honour for Axine to be recognized by BlueTech Research alongside so many global water technology leaders,” said Jonathan Rhone, President & CEO of Axine. “This is further validation that our novel technology approach to treating some of the most difficult wastewater in water-intensive industries like chemical manufacturing and oil and gas has the potential to fundamentally change wastewater treatment in these challenging environments.”

Axine’s revolutionary method for treating high concentrations of non-biodegradable, toxic wastewater without chemicals and at a lower cost compared to conventional solutions centres around a proprietary electrolytic cell that uniquely and effectively oxidizes a wide range of organics and ammonia converting them to carbon dioxide, water, and nitrogen gas (while recovering a high-purity stream of hydrogen gas for use as a clean fuel). Toxic organics (and ammonia) are one of the most difficult problems to solve in industrial wastewater but incumbent technologies and current practices – from on-site chemical oxidation to off-site incineration and deep well injection – are expensive, operationally complex, and have significant risks and long-term environmental liabilities. Based on lab testing to date, Axine has validated superior performance and economics of its novel electrochemical oxidation technology on real-world wastewaters and expects to deliver its first field pilots early next year.

About Axine Water Technologies
Axine has developed a breakthrough, low-cost, chemical-free solution for treating high concentrations of complex, toxic organics and ammonia in industrial wastewater solving a multi-billion dollar problem for large companies in a wide range of industries. Its energy-efficient, scalable system treats recalcitrant and non-biodegradable organics and some inorganics (up to 10,000 mg/L COD) at lower cost than conventional solutions while producing no waste. And due to its simple, modular design, it seamlessly ‘plugs into’ existing treatment plants, targeting specific pain points without disruption to current processes. This means for the first time, chemical manufacturing, oil & gas, and other water-intensive industries can avoid the production bottlenecks, high trucking and disposal costs, water reuse limitations, and difficulties meeting increasingly tougher regulations that have plagued them for decades. For more information, please visit


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